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 Ugh: I'm sick. Trying to shake off this cold. Can't sleep. This has really knocked me back from getting a number of things done.

Absolute Justice: I gave up on Smallville ages ago but we gave this episode a chance. It's a grating exploration of everything wrong with comics fandom. I want to care about these guys because they're interesting, not because some other people think they're interesting and you're dropping fanny-fan-fan hints. This is why we can't have nice things like John Stewart as the true Green Lantern. Thanks for nothin' Geoff Johns!

(Oh, I'm sure he's a nice man, but still. "You will usher in a Silver Age?" Puh-leeze.)

The only good thing is that we have Martian Manhunter back (who I do like the actor for), but that's still not enough to convince me to watch that show again.

ARRPEEGEE: I'm working on a perpetual charity fundraising RPG (all profits go to charity), but illness has really slowed me down. I'm thinking of contacting folks to make this a kind of jam project where we use electronic media to constantly improve and expand it.

Gangs of New York: Saw this almost all the way through tonight for the first time since the theatre. God, people like to reminisce about how tough it was to be Irish about 100 years+ ago, don't they? Still, it's a fun flick, even if I had trouble taking it seriously. Then again, that might be because my Irish ancestors were Loyalist anti-Fenian jerkwads. I probably have corrupt Orange blood in me.
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